READ – Ambassador Newsletters Recovered

18/03/2020 Dom 0

The first new centre to open in 1962 was also the first for several other reasons being the first for a new company, Ambassador Bowling Ltd, a subsidiary of Associated Television. The building was also […]

UK News

READ – Tenpin Sport July 1971

26/03/2018 Dom 0

Back in the early seventies there was this magazine, produced in the famous Fleet Street it ran for an unknown number of issues. What was happening way back then? Click on the X to expand […]

UK News

READ – March 1996 Silk Cut Tenpin League

05/03/2018 Dom 0

It’s time to start getting some old media online. Magazines, Flyers, booklets, the lot. We start with this one from the Silk Cut competition that ran in the 1990’s.   Simply hit the X button […]

Junior & Youth News

READ – Youth Bowlers Chronicle July 1985

25/02/2018 Dom 0

Who were the big names and winners in junior bowling in the mid eighties? Issue 39 covers the Junior Nationals held at AMF Leeds plus a centre round up and tournament calendar Click on the […]