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What’s New in Bowltech UK Proshops?

06/11/2020 Dom 0

What’s New in Bowltech UK Proshops? Bowltech UK Limited are part of the Bowltech Group who are the largest independent distributors of bowling equipment in Europe. The retail brands/manufacturers we currently distribute for, include: Ebonite, […]


83-84 Ebonite Pro Line

23/07/2018 Dom 0

Back in the early Eighties Ebonite had some of the best balls on the market. The Magnum range, Gyro range, Maxim range and even Manhattan range were in most bowlers hands and winning. When talking […]

UK News

What’s available from Bowltech UK?

17/07/2018 Dom 0

The Bowltech UK Website has been updated with all the latest ball releases from Storm, Roto Grip, Ebonite, Hammer, Track, Columbia 300, Motiv and 900 Global. Many of these balls are available in the UK […]