BTBA Fun Tour 2021

A brief bit of history… 2020 obviously was a write off. Then by August things started to look a bit brighter.. so I started to put together a 2021 tour had dates, venues and tournament managers. But then we had the 2nd lockdown and that scuppered all of 2021 plans.

So here we are half way through 2021, and despite a new variant lurking around the corner I thought i would get some tournaments planned for you all. The BTBA and especially myself – want you back bowling.

I suppose the difference this time round is a lot of us have had either had both or at least one dose of the vaccine, so at least we have some protection against the ‘rona

So what I have got planned…

Well a proper “ranking” tour isn’t going to happen this year, so instead I’ve planned in 4 fun tournaments spread around the country.

The emphasis for these four events is FUN… like I said I just want to get as many of you back to bowling and meeting up with friends again.

So all 4 tournaments will have the same format – its a 3 game re-entry doubles. And because I want bowlers to all abilities to feel like they can come have a go there will be 3 divisions based on the teams combined average.

Division C – combined average of 330
Division B – combined average of 331-399
Division A – Combined average of 400+

I want to keep the entry fee low – most of us have had a tough 18 months. But the prize fund of each event will be boosted by the BTBA tour pot contributions collected in the first two tournaments of 2020.

The four tournaments are going to be

17th – 18th July – SHIPLEY
Entry form is here

28th -29th August (possible 30th – its bank holiday and its my birthday) – DUNSTABLE

10th October – NOTTINGHAM

4th – 5th December – STROUD – xmas doubles !

Hopefully you fancy playing some of these tournaments and what I’m going to do is put all the bowlers scores into a big old spreadsheet so that you will have a national average going into 2022 BTBA tour.

Daniel Bonfield