Senior Counties 2019 – Qualifying Group Results

Congratulations to the Counties who have qualified for the finals at Guildford over the weekend 12/13 October. Commiserations to those Counties who did not.

Men Ladies
Cambridgeshire Essex
Dorset Hampshire
Hertfordshire Norfolk
Kent Staffordshire
Lancashire Surrey
Lincolnshire Sussex
Norfolk Warwickshire
Oxfordshire Yorkshire

I attach the audited results from the regional qualifying groups. All bar one group have been group have audited against the paper score sheets. The paper score sheets from the North group failed to arrive in the post so cannot be audited and must now be assumed as lost. Given that age bonuses are no longer used I have no reason to believe that there will be any issues even if they had.

Midland Group Final Scores

North Group Final Scores

South East Group Final Scores

South West Group Final Scores

Details of the hotel being used to for the dinner on the Saturday night will be sent on Monday to the successful counties.

Warm Regards

Paul Le Manquais

BTBA Senior ICC Secretary