Exclusive European partnership agreement with Bowling Media

MADE, NL. – We are very happy to announce that on June 1st Bowltech entered into a new strategic partnership and signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Bowling Media.

Bowling Media is focused on developing and installing LED video walls for bowling centers. This next level product will have a great beneficial impact on the appearance and ambience of the center, and fits perfectly into the Family Entertainment Center concept. We are very excited about this great addition to our ever expanding product range.

Bowling Media have already installed over 35 centers in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Now it is time to bring this dynamic product to the rest of Europe. With two bowling centers in the Netherlands already planned to have the video wall installed, and several further enquiries,  we are confident this will be the great next step forward in our industry.

Bowling Media will continue to handle this product directly in France and the French speaking part of Belgium. The Bowltech Group will roll out this programme across the rest of Europe.

For a better idea of how good this product is, please visit our website by scanning the QR-code

About The Bowltech Group: The Bowltech Group is Europe’s leading distribution company in bowling products and with a large and growing project portfolio, therefore highly active in building and modernizing bowling centers. Bowltech is a dynamic and financially healthy organization and when it comes to bowling Bowltech is the only real “one-stop-shop” in Europe. The Bowltech Group has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and France along with a team of more than 70 dedicated employees to assist our customers and help spread Bowltech’s leading market position. www.bowltech.eu