USBC affirms string pinsetters are non-approved equipment

ARLINGTON, Texas – The United States Bowling Congress affirms string pinsetters currently are considered non-approved equipment. String pinsetters may not be used in USBC-certified competition, including USBC-certified leagues and tournaments.

USBC is clarifying its position related to string pinsetters following the recent announcement from the International Bowling Federation, stating it will allow the use of the machines in IBF competition.

“Currently, there is no empirical data for USBC to determine exactly what additional variables string pinsetters may present related to equipment specifications and standards,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “USBC cannot take a position related to string pinsetter certification until objective research on the subject is conducted, published and properly analyzed.”

USBC is in the process of conducting research related to string pinsetters. USBC plans to complete an initial phase of the study and publish the results in 2022. However, the results may or may not provide conclusive data to support a position on string pinsetter certification.