Wisconsin group leads every event at USBC Open Championships
United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Lennie Boresch Jr. and his teammates account for 20 titles in more than 180 years of USBC Open Championships competition, and they’ve proven once again they’re far from done.

In the years since claiming the 2009 Regular Team and Team All-Events titles, Boresch and company have been focused on mentoring the next generation of Open Championships participants, a group that includes his 24-year-old son, Jacob.

A few years of struggles and learning curves completely turned around for the two-team group as they secured the top spot in every event at the South Point Bowling Plaza.

Their dominance of the leaderboards at the 2017 Open Championships started March 3, with Boresch and his Classic Lanes Raisins teammates from Milwaukee taking the Regular Team lead with 3,158. Boresch led the way with 699 and was joined by fellow hall of famers Dale Traber (661), Gary Daroszewski (637), Gus Yannaras (577) and three-time Open Championships titlist Ryan Lever (584).

Jacob and Classic Lanes Kids, also from Milwaukee, moved into second place that evening and now sit in third with 3,037, with Jacob leading the way with a 760 series, the highest individual set of the 2017 event.

That momentum continued into doubles and singles as the Boresch tandem climbed to the top of the Regular Doubles standings with a 1,289 total. Jacob led the way with a 657 set, while Lennie, a three-time Open Championships titlist, added 632.

“I grew up watching these guys bowl and even got to see old tapes of them competing on TV,” said Jacob Boresch, who made his fifth Open Championships appearance. “They have a ton of knowledge, and our group respects them more than anyone. Their guidance can’t be beat, and being able to find success together is really special. Being able to take the lead in doubles with my dad is incredible, too.”

Jacob’s success didn’t end there, as he added a 705 singles series to claim the top spot in Regular All-Events with a 2,122 total, which has been a top 10 score the last two years.

The singles lead went to six-time titlist Daroszewski, who put together games of 213, 268 and 255 for a 736 series. It was the third-highest singles set of his 38-year Open Championships career.

The Regular Division is for teams with combined averages of 1,046 and higher or individual bowlers with entering averages of 210 and above.

A look ahead
Ron Ramza of Streator, Illinois, is scheduled to make his 50th consecutive Open Championships appearance March 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern when he takes to the lanes for team competition at South Point.

Ramza, 71, began his tournament career at the 1968 event in Cincinnati, and he will be the first of 23 competitors scheduled to join the 50-Year Club in 2017.

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South Point Bowling Plaza, Las Vegas

(Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall)


(Combined averages of 1,046 and above)
1, Classic Lanes Raisins (Gus Yannaras, Gary Daroszewski, Ryan Lever, Lennie Boresch Jr., Dale Traber), Milwaukee, 3,158. 2, Vick Vick Boom No. 1, Mount Joy, S.C., 3,042. 3, Classic Lanes Kids, Milwaukee, 3,037. 4, Apparel EFX, Red Rock, Ariz., 2,950. 5, Terry Henrick’s Chrysler, Archbold, Ohio, 2,935. 6, TR2, South San Francisco, Calif., 2,920. 7, Nittany Lions, Ephrata, Pa., 2,905. 8, Montgomery Industries, Braintree, Mass., 2,883. 9, 5 ICT Bowlers, Johnston, Iowa, 2,877. 10, Barefoot 1, Glendora, Calif., 2,868.

(Combined averages of 419 and above)

1, Jacob Boresch/Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 1,289. 2, David Gerhart, Mount Joy, S.C./Daniel Vick, Pittsford, N.Y., 1,286. 3, William Barnes, Leander, Texas/Geoffrey Young, Keller, Texas, 1,267. 4, Kyle Anderson, Lockport, Ill./Bryan Thompson, Chicago, 1,264. 5, Phillip Hudak, Lexington, S.C./Jerry Watts Jr., Effingham, S.C., 1,263. 6, Jason Morgan, Freedom, Pa./Jonathan Vavro, Andreas, Pa., 1,248. 7, Randy Coté/Bryanna Coté, Red Rock, Arizona, 1,242. 8, Robert Young/Don Smith, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., 1,221. 9, Dirk Fentz, Danville, Ind./ Patrick Wall, Noblesville, Ind., 1,218. 10, David Sevier, Gilbert, Ariz./Jason Weaver, Denver, Pa., 1,207.

(Averages of 210 and above)

1, Gary Daroszewski, Milwaukee, 736. 2, Geoffrey Young, Keller, Texas, 726. 3, Randy Coté, Red Rock, Ariz., 715. 4, Jacob Boresch, Kenosha, Wis., 705. 5, Ryan Lever, Muskego, Wis., 700. 6, Kyle Anderson, Lockport, Ill., 694. 7(tie), Daniel Cruz Sr., Denton, Texas, and John Grundy, Ashland, Ohio, 669. 9, Jake Peters, Henderson, Nev., 664. 10, Bryanna Coté, Red Rock, Ariz., 663.

(Averages of 210 and above)

1, Jacob Boresch, Kenosha, Wis., 2,122. 2, Geoffrey Young, Keller, Texas, 2,028. 3, Daniel Vick, Pittsford, N.Y., 2,012. 4, Gary Daroszewski, Milwaukee, 1,992. 5, Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 1,979. 6, Bryanna Coté, Red Rock, Ariz., 1,953. 7, Bryan Thompson, Chicago, 1,939. 8, John May, Effingham, S.C., 1,937. 9, Devin Bidwell, Wichita, Kan., 1,935. 10, Philipp Hudak, Lexington, S.C., 1,925.


(Combined averages of 901-1,045)

1, New Berlin Ale House (Matthew Novak, Steve Kotze, Tommy Purvy, Mark Jolitz, Joseph Leskovar), New Berlin, Wis., 2,666. 2, Fabfive, Casey, Ill., 2,615. 3, Stuart Bowl Pro Shop, Stuart, Iowa, 2,555. 4, Mostly Deuces, West Palm Beach, FL, 2,546. 5, Werk Weld 2, Armor, S.D., 2,544. 6(tie), We Are Family, Orange, Calif., and Sammy’s Kids, San Jose, Calif., 2,506. 8, Enforcers, Fort Wayne, Ind., 2,484. 9, Vegas Misfits 2, Las Vegas, 2,483. 10, Turner and Associates Inc., Powell, Ohio, 2,462.

(Combined averages of 361-418)

1, John Schipper/Stephen Schipper, Botkins, Ohio, 1,131. 2 Tonya Hausser/William Tully, Loveland, Colo., 1,118. 3, Daniel Butcher/Russell Neal, Akron, Ohio, 1,116. 4, James Mills, North Las Vegas, Nev./Matthew Mills, Buena Park, Calif., 1,114. 5, Kevin Buskey, Chester, Va./Clint Wade, Colonial Heights, Va., 1,108. 6, Jon Gerdes, Monterey, Calif./Bradley Olson, Salinas, Calif., 1,106. 7, Cass Vandervest, Ludington, Mich./Robert Morgan, Hart, Mich., 1,098. 8, Sheldon Severtson, Devils Lake, N.D./Ray Freund, Cando, N.D., 1,096. 9, Aaron Troxel, The Dalles, Ore./Mark Chabotte, Hood River, Ore., 1,094. 10, James Mioduszewski, Sparta, N.J./Joseph Mioduszewski, Hillsboro, Ore., 1,089.

(Averages of 181-209)

1, Larry Riggs, Sidney, Mont., 648. 2, George Sampior, South San Francisco, Calif., 645. 3, Tommy Purvy, San Diego, 618. 4, Tanya Nelson, San Jose, Calif., 612. 5, Michael Waite, Shenandoah, Iowa, 610. 6, Jacob Rogers, South Milwaukee, Wis., 608. 7(tie), Kurt Fuemmeler, Fayette, Mo., and Craig Anderson, Donovan, Ill., 604. 9(tie), Joel Olson, Stuart, Iowa, and Jake Buenaventura, Lompoc, Calif., 603.

(Averages of 181-209)

1, Tommy Purvy, San Diego, 1,769. 2, Curt Brown, Sidney, Mont., 1,731. 3, Jacob Buenaventura, Lompoc, Calif., 1,727. 4, Craig Anderson, Donovan, Ill., 1,710. 5(tie), Mark Tisl, Stuart, Iowa, and Rick Hladky, Berryton, Kan., 1,687. 7, Walter Meding Jr., Milton, Del., 1,682. 8, Gregg Wahman Jr., Milton, Del., 1,682. 9, Marc Pater, Baton Rouge, La., 1,654. 10, Bruce Nickell, Zumbrota, Minn., 1,649


(Combined averages of 900 and below)

1, Crooked Creek 1 Bar & Grill (Wesley Schwarzwalter, Chad Welch, Bob Osendorf, Lanny Anderson, Ron Braaten), Bowman, N.D., 2,413. 2, Bowl Dawgs, Starkville, Miss., 2,285. 3, Wagner’s Heating, Hardin, Mont., 2,284. 4, Custom Timpani, Ellendale, N.D., 2,283. 5, New Cooperative, Fort Dodge, Iowa, 2,278. 6, AZ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Phoenix, 2,276. 7, Huikko 2, Buffalo, Minn., 2,272. 8, Roll On, Columbus, Ohio, 2,219. 9, 300 Las Vegas Style, Chandler, Ariz., 2,199. 10, Chuck’s Bunch II, Flatonia, Texas, 2,175.

(Combined averages of 360 and below)

1, Mike Ignacio, Seaside, Calif./Anthony Souza, Watsonville, Calif., 1,034. 2, Stanley Keeney, Casey, Ill./Denise Elsberry, Paris, Ill., 1,032. 3, Robert Todino/Kelly Lundgren, Green River, Wyo., 1,031. 4, Marlin Rude, Zumbrota, Minn./Tiffany Kiffmeyer, Kenyon, Minn., 1,027. 5, Ryan Schumacher, Scranton, N.D./Jeff Boynton, Bowman, N.D., 1,014. 6, Willis Peterson, Hannaford, N.D./Mark Urness, Coopertown, N.D., 1,012. 7, Ryan McFarland/Brownie McFarland, Payette, Idaho, 1,008. 8, Bobby Bonewald, Hallettsville, Texas/Troy Kolb, Flatonia, Texas, 1,004. 9, Scott Stefankiewicz, Salisbury, Mo./Chad Fuemmeler, Glasgow, Mo., 1,003. 10, Shaun Bottoms/Natalie Maertz, Manteca, Calif., 996.

(Averages of 180 and below)

1, Mark Urness, Coopertown, N.D., 567. 2, Susan Waltz, Casey, Ill., 554. 3, Paul Cousineau, Plainview, Minn. 550. 4, Kenneth Edwards, Shelton, Neb., 545. 5(tie), Rich Lamb, Hollister, Calif., and Kyle Glynn, Ellendale, N.D., 543. 7, Bim Marston, Hardin, Mont., 539. 8(tie), David Brumley, Stuart, Iowa, and Troy Kolb, Flatonia, Texas, 532. 10, Kevin Hart, Cedar Park, Calif., 530.

(Averages of 180 and below)

1, Bim Marston, Hardin, Mont., 1,623. 2, Kyle Glynn, Ellendale, N.D., 1,555. 3, Roger Hawkins, Curryville, Mo., 1,531. 4, Ryan Schumacher, Scranton, N.D., 1,517. 5, Mark Urness, Coopertown, N.D., 1,515. 6, Donald Garcia, Bloomington, Minn., 1,510. 7, Ron Braaten, Ludlow, S.D., 1,505. 8, Troy Kolb, Flatonia, Texas, 1,498. 9, Michael Mariani, Havre, Mont., 1,497. 10(tie), Thomas Chavis III, Hopewell, Va., Chad Welch, Bowman, N.D., and Robert Behrendt III, Phoenix, 1,492.