Welsh Nationals 2019

The 2019 Welsh Nationals were held this year at Phoenix Bowl in Milford Haven with 31 men and 13 women. The Singles scratch were won by James Footner with 989 and Mel Oates with 807.

The doubles were won by Will Wan and Pip Wellsteed with 1789 witht the fours going to Team 9 (Glen Robson, Mel Oates, Will Wan and Calon Bailey) with 2388.

The big winners in the All events were Glenn Robson with 2542 and Mel Oates with 2112.

Event details and Results

Event Venue: Phoenix Bowl

Event Format: Four man (3 games), doubles (4 games), singles (4 games) and all events (combined)

Latest Results: Singles Scratch Hcp A Hcp B | Doubles Scratch Hcp A Hcp B | Fours Scratch Hcp A Hcp B | All Events