Welsh Open 2019 – Moor Four

Event Venue: Stroud Bowl

Entry Form: PDF | DOCX

2019 Squad List: PDF

2019 Oil Pattern: 2013 USBC Women’s Championships

NEWS – Moor 4 – Paul wins Welsh open for a record fourth time

NEWS – Matty Clayton rolls first 300 game

NEWS – Mark Patrick rolls second 300 game


Results: Qualifying Full Desperado Turbo Final Step 1 Final Step 2 Final Step 3 Final Step 4


Welsh Open History

1994 winners Pauline Smith and Kevin Hills. Pauline successfully defending the title she won in 1993.

1993 Cliff Dew and Pauline Smith
1994 Kevin Hills and Pauline Smith
1995 Lol Ellis and Jan Steiner
1996 Paul Delany and Jan Hannan?
1998 Ron Oldfield and Gemma Burden
1999 Wayne Greenall and Mel Isaac
2000 Wayne Greenall and Kirsten Penny
2001 Peter Lenders (Holland) Gemma Burden
2002 Steve Thornton and Gemma Harding
2003 Dave Parker and Kirsten Penny
2004 Wayne Greenall and Pauline Buck
2005 Nick Froggatt and Pauline Buck
2006 Paul Evans and Vicki Burbridge
2007 Dom Barrett and Fiona Banks
2008 Chris Oates and Jemma Smith
2009 Paul Moor and Vicki Burbridge
2010 Matt Chamberlain and No womens section
2011 Matt Chamberlain and Laura Rhoney
2012 Paul Moor and Haley White
2013 Dom Barrett and Hayley White
2014 Steve Thornton and Hayley Rumkee
2015 Darren Cundy and Lisa John
2016 Paul Moor and Danni Hopcroft
2017 Mark Patrick and Jo Allsebrook
2018 Peter Stevenson



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