READ – The Guide to Tenpin Bowling

2nd July 2018 Dom 0

How did people learn to bowl in the 1960’s?   Thanks to the USA, there were multiple booklets frim the ABC, AMF, Brunswick and more.   Did anyone have this one?  

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27th Malta Open 2018

12th June 2018 Dom 0

The Malta Open is back.  Happening between 13th June and 17th June 2018 at the Eden SuperBowl in St. Julians, Malta Ask around and some bowler you know has played in Malta and will confirm […]

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Weber Cup 2018 – USA win

12th June 2018 Dom 0

The Weber Cup finds a new venue at Milton Keynes Arena as new-look but familiar American side aims to turn the European tide. The Europeans have won each of the last five Weber Cups and […]

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2018 European Women’s Championships

11th June 2018 Dom 0

The 2018 Women’s European Championships runs from Thursday, June 7 to the 16th, in Brussels, Belgium. Registered for the event with host country Belgium.: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, […]

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5th June 2018 Dom 0

LAS VEGAS – Being 60 years old comes with its fair share of perks and discounts, and Mike Dias of Lafayette, Colorado, took advantage of the opportunity to compete in the Super Senior Classic this […]

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